Project Description


We can assist with all aspects of implementation for your learning technology purchase, customization and migration. From up-front resource and system sizing to data migration, training & onboarding, and configuration & customization management we have the right team to ensure success.

Domain Experience

Our team has worked on projects of all sizes and managed the migration & implementation efforts on behalf of our clients. Each project presents its own unique challenges and many of the gotcha’s that are encountered too late in the process can be avoided up front. A thorough understanding of the project requirements truly affects the solution design, configuration and data migration efforts.

Going Deep – Data Migration

When dealing with enterprise data migration efforts there are many factors and data points to take into account. Taking an analyst role and understanding how you conduct your learning business today and what needs to change with the new solution is critical. No two systems are alike and in many cases there needs to be adjustments made to allow for the round peg to fit into a square hole. Our personnel are experts at this this critical phase and can assist in providing sound business advice & best practices, to managing the various teams involved as well as rolling up our sleeves and performing the migration activities.

  • Systematic approach to determine data migration strategy

  • Identify critical elements up front to discuss during vendor selection & negotation

  • Review legacy & 3rd party data to determine applicability for migration

  • Full, incremental and delta approaches utilized

  • Resourcing requirements based on volume and technical approach


User & Profile Info
Course & Catalog
Historical Training Records
Web Based Training & Digital Files
ILT Course & Class Resources
3rd Party Provider Data (Survey, Assessment, Digital Evaluation, etc.)
Financial Transactions
Custom Elements & Metadata
SSO, Feed, & API Strategies