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Let us Help You!

Are you an organization that offers learning solutions to your clients, partners or customers utilizing eLearning and other digital assets? Are you in charge of ensuring that your department’s training is made available to the company’s sales staff or executive leadership? What if your company recently purchased iPad’s for all the sales force and they expect the training that you currently offer to work on the new devices?

How do I Move Forward?

We will work with you to identify your mobile conversion needs providing the following services:

  • Analyze current courseware and digital media assets (references, PDF’s, audio, video, ePUBs, etc…) to create an inventory of learning assets.
  • Perform an audience and technology analysis, ensuring we correctly identify the “mobile landscape” of the intended audience.
  • Establish goals and create instructional strategies based on the needs of the new “mobilized” audience.
  • Create a conversion checklist of each course/asset identifying the required changes (interface, navigational elements, media types and interactivities).
  • Document the strategy for the new offerings, including new courses utilizing “chunking” of content, inclusion of electronic performance support items and related digital assets.
  • Develop the new courseware/assets utilizing tools and editors that conform to HTML 5 standards.
  • During the course conversion process we also take into account the delivery platform and address SCORM and 508 requirements.

There are numerous updated authoring tools that export/publish to HTML 5 but they do no solve all of the issues
addressing your conversion needs. We will work with you to analyze not only the content, but also the intended audience
to create a strategy and solution that aligns with your performance and business needs.



I have worked with Troy directly on the deployment of a large and complex online training project called United Academy. As the Project Sponsor on behalf of Serious Labs, I have relied on Troy's insight into and experience in the industry of online learning. Troy not only brings project discipline in a timely and diplomatic way, he is an "out of the box" thinker that is able to offer real time solutions to complex problems. I would highly recommend Troy.

Jim Colvin - Chief Executive Officer, Serious Labs Inc.

I have worked alongside Troy for two years on the development of a business launch with United Rentals called United Academy. This is a focused effort on becoming the voice of authority for safety training by developing engaging training, tracking credentials on courses taken by individuals and making a difference in the solutions to safety training. Troy is a skilled strategist with the important competency of understanding how technology will impact strategy. He is hands on and will also work tactically in the project to get things done on time and on schedule. He has become a trusted business associate and friend through our process of working together. Troy is someone you want on your project from the beginning.

Ken Maclean - President, Serious Labs Inc.

"Troy is a top notch e-learning consultant and professional. He's well versed in LMS and mobile technologies, and can properly architect and execute enterprise e-learning solutions with his vast knowledge and experience in the space. He is an excellent communicator in team environments and does a great job of requirements gathering, project management and execution to provide low risk, on-time project delivery. If you need an expert for your E-Learning / Mobile solution, you need Troy."

Don Riep - Founder and CTO, Yardstick Software Inc.

With the help of Knowledge Stream, we are able to unify and get a handle on hundreds of business requirements for a company-wide LMS. Tackling the idea of a corporate-wide LMS, that had to serve both as an internal and external-facing LMS, was daunting. Knowledge Stream broke this job down into manageable tasks and kept everyone on track. Not only was the process easy to follow and methodical; it was fun. Knowledge Stream’s President - Troy is unbiased, reliable, and a pleasure to work with and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the latest trends in the training industry.

Krista Page, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri)

Knowledge Stream has been instrumental in launching our mobile learning strategy.  With the newness of building mobile and socially focused learning ecosystems, having someone with both technical and business expertise has been priceless.  This type of consultation has not only accelerated our vision but demonstrated true impact to our business.

Christine DiDonato, Sony Electronics

Troy is fantastic to work with and delivers high quality creative courses. He helped to create a multi delivery method course from one set of documentation to a global audience; one tall order, and it was a smashing success. I look forward to our next opportunity to work on a project together.

Cindy Peoples, Symantec Corporation

I have worked on several projects with Troy. On client calls, I have been impressed with his business development ability which allows him to apply his deep technical knowledge while patiently and skillfully helping clients find strategic solutions to their training and technology needs. As an Instructional Designer on several projects, I have benefited from his considerable experience setting up and managing complex projects. I would be delighted to work with him again on any project.

Wayne Blizzard, Freelance Instructional Designer

Troy is one of the most personable and pleasurable clients I've worked with in the past 10 years in this industry. He always keeps the broad project scope in mind, and his team never misses timelines or milestones. Along with his project management skills, he can relate and communicate on a technological level with designers and developers which makes him ultra-effective, efficient and respected.

Josh Konold, JKon Designs

KMi has been working with Knowledge Stream for the past 2 years and has been continuously impressed with their awareness of the e-learning ecosystem, and how it can be leveraged to meet their client’s needs. CEO Troy Gorostiza has demonstrated a keen ability to lead, listen, and collaborate and we look forward to continuing our strategic partnership for years to come.

Greg Wasylik, KMi, Inc.

Knowledge Stream has been an excellent partner to work with. They are very responsive and fun to work with. We have worked on multiple projects together.

Sanjiv Prabhakran, Bytes, Inc.

I have worked with Troy from Knowledge Stream for over 10 years and his leadership, commitment, knowledge of distance learning and project management skills have been invaluable to keeping the projects going forward. Troy is very responsive and easy to work with. We have worked on multiple projects over time and I have great confidence in him!

Frank Mutascio, Websync