What’s Next: Mobile Learning?

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So you have a formal learning plan in place, your LMS has been up and running for years and you even have a certification program in place for your new hires, employees and 3rd party partners. Your company can be considered a “learning-based organization”, so now what?

For the past couple of years the idea of implementing new technologies that have arisen out of the consumer world have intrigued the training professional. Everything from social networking to blogs, wikis, instant messaging and mobile have shown promise to extend the formal learning environment but has anything truly succeeded to provide ROI and benchmarking to continue its use?

Let’s think here….I have an LMS that has social learning aspects built in (forums, interactive messaging, etc.) and we use portals for document management, knowledge transfer, wiki’s but how do I leverage this infrastructure and investment to today’s world, the world of remote workers, some of whom are disconnected?

learningManage_clip_image002_0000Mobile is the answer! It is not just the next fad or technological wonder, it is ubiquitous and always there. The more important questions that need to be addressed are:

What to deliver?
How to deliver to all the various devices?

Each of these questions have many sub questions and branching options which I will get into in subsequent posts but the one thing to remember for now is that more now than ever in the past, the end delivery device and its uses and limitations must be taken into account.

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